3.1 Brush menu

Raiseland provides, in addition to its procedural engine, some paint-like tools. The system is structured in 8 layers. You can paint and erase on each layer.

There are some global parameters:

  • Radio. Controls the brush radio/size. This can be changed with the Q and E keys.
  • Power. This is a global scale/power control.

There are some layer parameters:

  • Scale. This is a layer scale/power control.
  • Mode. This can be set to 3 different modes:
    • Offset mode. In this mode you'll raise and lower the terrain when painting. This is the most common tool on third-party programs.
    • Positive mode. In this mode you'll need to select a noise. Painted zones will be afected by the noise, non-painted zones won't be affected by the noise.
    • Negative mode. This is the inverse positive mode.
  • Show. This is a switch that enables/disables the layer, treating all painted zones like no painted zones.
  • Paint. This enables/disables the painting of this layer. When at least one layer is paint enabled the brush will appear. The brush is a blue semi-transparent cylinder. To paint the terrain just move the cursor to the terrain and press the right mouse button.
  • Clear. This enables/disables the eraser tool. When the eraser tool is activated, painting the terrain will erase selected painted zones, clearing it.
  • Clear all. Pressing this button will erase all painted zones of this layer.

Different modes: offset, positive, negative.

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