6.1 Mesh exporting

Raiseland can export terrains using the .obj mesh format. This exporting method will export textures and normal maps too.

Raiseland mesh exporting has 2 modes:

  • Use LOD off. In this mode, the terrain quality will be uniform across the entire terrain.
  • Use LOD on. In this mode, the terrain computed LOD will be exported and the quality of the terrain will depend on the Raiseland camera position at the moment of exporting. Terrain quality will depend on Misc/Terrain/Terrain Quality too.
Blender and normalmaps

The obj/wavefront/mtl format has poor support for normalmaps. Blender won't be able to import Raiseland normalmaps without some user interaction.

You can set/configure the normalmaps manually, but this method is slow because Raiseland uses lots of small normalmaps and you will have to do it one by one.

To remove this limitation we provide a small script. This script is based on a community script that translates Blender material information to Cycles material information. To use it:

  1. Open Blender
  2. Download the script
  3. Import the script as usual from file
  4. Import the terrain in obj format as usual
  5. Go to material properties, at the end you will see a new menu.
  6. Click on "Convert all to Cycles"
  7. At this point all material info will be converted to Cycles material info and all Raiseland terrains will have its normalmaps adjusted. The rendering engine will be set to Cycles.
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